Thanks Ms. Mary and Music and Motion !!


Luckily I happened to come across with Ms. Mary and her wonderful ballerinas couple of years ago. Ms. Mary Henley and Ms. Rebecca at Maryland Youth Ballet have been running a program for angels who need a little more help and care from us to develop and strengthen body control through dance. It has been so special and precious time for me to spend times with these angels, Lucy, Hana, Skylar, Amanda, Chrissy, Sara, Leila, Jessie, Adriana, and my beautiful partner Chloe.

They had a graduation last Saturday, and I got this special picture frame. Thanks everyone, it’s never good bye forever. I will come visit, you all welcome to visit me wherever I go.


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Sung Hong


My new job title from today.  Thought I was getting the email around Friday, but it came in yesterday. I am on the trainer’s list on Crossfit main site now, pretty cool!

Time to work on DA TRIP! I am trying to follow Dan’s recommendation on the route most likely. Dan sent me an email, a looong email for this trip. Thanks to Dan. I pledged to do a drop in every town where I sleep. So far I will head out to Sweet Pea Hostels in Ashville, TN first day. It looks about 6 hours drive. I am planning to check in at the hostel and do a drop in at Beer City Crossfit that evening. Next day, I am planning to do a drop in at DA CF MAYHEM to see if I can get an autograph from the champ. Checking in at Music City Hostel in Nashville. I like the hotel’s name. Checking out some venues on Dan’s list there, and the next destination is Memphis, TN. I think I have to spend some days to drop by small towns on the way to New Orleans.

Damn! it is fun just think about the options! It will be pretty hard to keep balancing my time management because of this 🙂

The first step


Just finished Crossfit Level1 Trainer Certification last weekend. It was 2 day course at CF Trident at Alexandria which was 30-40 minutes drive from Fairfax. Each day we learned about Crossfit Fundamentals and movement cues/fixes, of course we did a wod a day from 9am to 5pm. Time just flew by. How can I not be excited to be around this many friends who love what I love? How can I not be having fun while doing what I love with them? Test had 55 questions and I have to get 33 right to pass, it was bit harder than I thought, but I think I am pretty confident. I studied and practice pretty hard.

Crossfit Sikgoo


I named my Crossfit box’s as Sikgoo. Sik means to eat and goo means mouth. In Korean, there are couple of words refer family. I chose Sikgoo because it means a family that eat together under the same roof.

I want to make a lot of Sikgoos at CF Sikgoo.

The logo was created by me. Get ready for your mind blown!!! You see big letter “S”? Find “IK” there too. Now, if you observe “S” it shapes number “9” by connecting a part of that letter. Number “9” pronounces “goo” in Korean.

The little hair like things on top are knife and pork. It’s Sikgoo, yeah we need those to eat 🙂