Tucson, AZ – Day18 Dec17

Drove around Tucson to see the possible spots. Dylan, who works at hostel, told me South Tucson would not be the best choice for the safety. All the Crossfit boxes are on the upper side of Tuscon around I-10. I checked Starbucks and Whole food locations and found they are on Southwest side of Tucson and North East side of Tucson. Southwest side has been developed with a huge shopping mall. I can see the best chance there for CF JJ. I found an abandoned church on W Irving rd right in the middle of it and right out from I-19. I took some picture and asked around about it to the neighbors. A guy told me that it has been abandoned for 15 years and there was no activity for past 5 years. I am not sure about zoning or stuffs, but I kept it in my mind in case I decided to come back to Tucson for CF JJ.Right around there at a newly built shopping mall, I found a tire shop and had to come back to downtown for Drop-in at Wildcat Crossfit. Met Sam working out by herself and she helped me to get ready. Met Coach Laurie and all Corssfit lovers there and had a great work out, as always.

I like Tucson, but it was around 30s this morning. I should not forget about the my taste of the weather. I will be staying another night at Tucson and tomorrow I am heading out to Brawley CA. Laurie recommended me to do a drop in at Gym 244 where she is training. Will do the one at 9am and going to CA tomorrow.

Thinking about

checking out Bundocks Lounge in Downtown tonight for a falk band Titan Valley Warheads.


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