Brawley, CA-Day19 Dec18

Laurie from Wildcat introduced me another box in Tucson. Gym 244 was located just outside of Tucson downtown. Met Leslie, the owner and Regional Crossfitter. She welcomed me very well and I was very grateful. 9am class was busy and reminding me Hammerdown. Most of the close distance but outside of downtown gyms are having pretty good size classes after kids dropping off at the schools. And I could see coaches with great 7-45-48. Liked Coach Andrew’s tonality, confidence and connection with members. Facility looks beautiful with red bricks and wood frames inside. Graffiti on the walls look real cool. Beautiful box. I could see Leslie is a very energetic/strong leader. The young weightlifters I met humbled me so much.  Jackie’s snatch widened my small eyes. I was very thankful to be able to Laurie to introduce me this box. I was thinking about staying at San Ramon for 3-6 months if I can. I really want to be good at weightlifting. We will see.

Quick idea on my class plan, part a. techniques – LLI (Let’s Learn It). part b.-wod – LDI(Let’s Do it)

Got the group picture with the biggest group of friends and tightened the saddle on my Prius, gassed to Brawley, CA.

Brawley is one of the towns on my list with 23000 population and no CF boxes yet. Farming city. I did not know about how it was like. Sam at Desert Inn said that there is no job here, everyone’s working for Farms for 5-6 months and they are all unemployed for the rest of the year. He said the water gets expensive and taxes are very high, 44%. He recommended me Sun city or just outside of San Diego. More people and opportunities there. By the way this motel is only $50 but its very clean and nice. I noticed the gas price is a lot higher than AZ, TX, and CO. It was $2.50 comparing to $1.70 per gallon.

Anyway it’s San Diego tomorrow. Excited!


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