San Diego, CA – Rest days Dec19-20

Damn, I am a pretty darn good photographer!

As soon as getting into San Diego, I went to a Korean restaurant expecting a Korean style lunch. However Taekeukgi restaurant was a huge Americanized restaurant. None of the servers spoke Korean to me. All the servers were very well scripted and look trained, did not feel any sincerity from their 7-45-48. I was looking for some authenticity after long driving not robots.

Arrived to HI San Diego, Point Loma hostel around 5pm, and met some new friends. I like staying at hostels, it is cheap and very easy to meet many friends from around the world. Per the popularity of this city, I could find a Korean friend, Oh here. Did not have a chance to hang out with him because he wants to check many tourist sites as he can while he is staying. But it is always great to see another Korean around. 🙂

Went to Patrick’s Gaslamp Pub for a blues in downtown, they had a cover band playing that night, and the saxophone was amazing.

Next morning, I went to La Jolla Cove. It was a beautiful beach but little chilly today. Walked along the beach shore and listening to the wave and thought that it has been a long time to listen to the wave. The wave was pretty big and thought it would be great if I could surf. La Jolla beach area was looking luxurious with all the cool beach houses, great cars parked in front of expensive restaurants and stores. I walked away thinking that definitely it is not my place to live. 🙂

It is Santa Barbara tomorrow, from there I will check Oxnard and Santa Maria.



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