Santa Barbara, CA – Day22 Dec21

Left the hostel around 8am to do 9am class at Crossfit Fortius in the morning. I could not find the sign for the box at the address. I picked this box based on Google reviews, and I knew it was an active box. I had to ask to the people near that address to find it. It has a blue door, no sign, 2 porter parties in front. Very interesting. When Coach Willi opened the door, it was pretty huge inside. 13,000 sqf. We had pretty good amount of members for 9am class. No sign, good size class, isn;t it interesting? After I heard that they just moved into this address from 5000sqf 6 weeks ago, everything made sense. Great weightlifting platforms setup on the one corner was telling me that it has a good Oly program there. For the holiday season we did 12 days of Christmas with time cap 40mins. I mean 40 mins… Great one!

I could not leave San Diego just yet. I thought I had to do at least one more sightseeing. Sea World was not too far from CF Fortius. Sea World was so much more expensive than I thought. I never paid that much for 2 hot dogs before. After watching dolphins, whales, penguins, and so many people there, I left to Santa Barbara. It is about 220miles away from San Diego, but it took me more than 5 hours. Driving through LA was not a great route. Thought about my ultimate location. Somehow I felt like I wanted to drive to Grand Junction, CO. Even though it has a pretty cold winter, the elevation and the trails around attracted me so much. Driving through CA was not cool as CO or NM, $2.80-3.20 per gallon of gas, huge gap between rich and poor, scarcity of water, CA is not only saturated with CF boxes but also with people already. On the other hand, CO has abundant of resources around rocky mountain, $1.60-1.80 per gallon of gas, great atmosphere for training, beautiful scenery wherever I go, cheaper cost of living. I could not stop thinking about it. I am checking my route to Grand Junction now.

Tomorrow, I am planning to do a drop in at CF Santa Barbara, and drop by Master David’s TKD school. Think I should go to San Ramon for California Strength. Guess Grand Junction after that.


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