San Francisco, CA – Day23 Dec22

Santa Barbara is a beautiful town. People seem nice too. How do I know? A car stopped for me when I was waiting for crossing the road.

Dropped in at Crossfit Santa Barbara. It looked like about 3000 sqf with full of weight training machines. Crossfit classes are getting done at the outside in fenced parking lot. When I came in for 8:30am class, I could see 1 member at the earlier class and 3-4 more people with 2-3 personal trainers. It has every thing from Crossfit, Powerlifting, PTs, martial arts when I see the equipments. It looked cool but for me, it was not much profitable nor efficient. Its need more trainers, and you can do only 1 client at a time. On the other hand, CF can have a group classes with less trainers. It reminded me Cheesecake factory menu. Well, as long as I have barbell, plates, WOD and a good music, it is always awesome start of a day. I met Coach Tyler and Jon from Hungary in 8:30 session with 600+ reps. Oh Holidays!

Dropped by KUT Santa Barbara right after CF Santa Barbara, it was right around the corner! Master David welcomed me despite his busy schedule and shared some wisdom. I was very appreciate for his reminder of me being martial artist. Of course the KUT class was going on with a good size of a class.

Just like I am bringing cold weather and rain everywhere I go for this trip, it was but rainy on the way to Santa Maria after. But the rainbow in the sky through rainy clouds looks pretty nice.

I wanted to get some good BBQ in Santa Maria since it is popular for that just like the nickname, “BBQ capital of California.” I googled the best BBQ place there. I found one place but I was waiting at the door for somebody get me to the table or greeting at least, none of them made an eye contact with me. Of course I left after waiting like 6-7 minutes. Ironically I found a BBQ Land owned by Koreans. They even had kimchi!

Checked in at San Francisco hostel and planning to drop in at California Strength tomorrow. But I am not sure they have class for me tomorrow. It is Christmas season. Either way I will drop by and then I am planning to spend my Christmas at Yosemite Hostel.


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