Yosemite Midpines, CA-Day25 Dec24

Finally I got the confirmation from Crossfit HQ on the name of my Crossfit box.

Crossfit Juke Joint

This is my CF box. The place where crossfiters, weightlifters and blues artists become family. The place where they have fun. The place where they can jam. This is our Crossfit Juke Joint.

Let me tell you why it must be CF Juke Joint. All this trip, all along, I was lead by CF Juke Joint.

  • Originally it was CF Sikgoo, and it was turned down from HQ
  • On this trip, I fell in love with Blues after Clarksdale.
  • I asked HQ to my next one. Trust me, I sat down at a bar in Houston and Austin so much about it. It was either Crossfit Juke Joint or Barrelhouse Crossfit. Both names mean Juke Joint.
  • Moving to Santa Fe or Tucson was an my old dream before. I even bought the books about those places. The first reason I picked those places was because the weather there. Hot and dry.
  • When I got to Santa Fe and got the feeling of breathtaking at the first sight of the Plaza in the morning, it was not snowing by then. After a little while, it started snowing and I got to have a second thought about Santa Fe.
  • I did not get that much great feeling from Tucson. And found good friends there becoming competitors if I open my box there.
  • Albuquerque, cold
  • As soon as I got to San Diego, I chose Grand Junction for my location.

Up to here is the back ground. Now listen to this.

The only reason I chose to stay at San Francisco was because there is no hostel or a cheap motel around San Ramon. I had to visit California Strength. And Fisherman’s Walf hostel was the farthest from the downtown. That was the only reason I chose that hostel so I don’t have to get stuck in traffic much when I was going to California Strength in San Ramon. I wanted to spend  Christmas at Yosemite because it sounds pretty cool to spend my Christmas. And it is on the way to Gand Junction. Driving through those traffic on the way I was thinking It is a very right decision not living in CA. After checked in at Yosemite Bug hostel, I happened to talk to my roommates, Roy from LA and Dina from San Francisco. We were talking about what to do here, and making jokes about me being pussy at climbing. I don’t want to climb and die, period. Anyway, we happened to start talking about my trip and Blues. I told them about Clarksdale and how I fell in love with blues music. Starting from Zee, Riverside hotel, Delta museum, Red’s, Robert Bilbo Walker, and on and on and on. I told them about CF Juke Joint and what it is going to be like.

When Dina heard my blues love story, she told me about a hostel in Fisherman’s Walf. She said that the hostel is related to music. Specially blues. She told me about SF has a it’s own style of blues that has jazzy feeling in it. When SF had Blues Festivals, artists were staying at the Fisherman’s Walf hostel. When they were staying, they practiced at the middle lounge with fake stove. I was sitting down there last night and wrote the blog. It was, no it is a Juke Joint in SF for Blues lovers there Fisherman’s Walf Hostel. I was staying there last night without knowing it, and received the confirmation email from Sarah at CF HQ saying that CF Juke Joint or Barrelhouse CF is ok to use.

Do you feel what I feel? If I did not come here, if I did not meet Dina, if it was not snowing in Santa Fe…blah blah blah 🙂

It was meant to be.


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