Las Vegas, NV-Day29 Dec28

When I got to Hostel Cats in Las Vegas, it was around 10pm. Do you want to be rich? Open a Starbucks or a Gas station on I-15 between Bakersfield and Las Vegas. Never seen that crazy line at Starbucks and girl’s bathroom line at Gas Station. And that Gas Station charging $4.28/gal for the gas. Thought it’s Nevada gas price. I think there is only one of those each on I-95 between Bakersfield and Vegas.

I was looking for a blues joint as I always did for the other cities. Found an interesting place, The Sand Dollar Lounge on the first night, I was not fortunate. No show. But decided to stay one more day to figure out the game plan from now to New year’s day. I have to look for a roommate sublet in Grand Junction first. I was thinking if it is better to staying at cheaper hostel in Las Vegas, or if is better to staying at GJ hostel, about $20 costs more per a night, and look for the room. Either way, I decided to stay just one more night to see what this city can offer to me.

Dropped by Crossfit Max Effort, did not know it was a popular box until I checked at Google map. The class was huge for 10 am, around 30-40? And 30% or more were drop-ins. Coaches split the group into 2 classes (Beg-Fitness, Experienced-Performance) Each class ran different WOD. Met Coach Coup, very friendly, great class management, awesome 7-45-48, I thought these coaches been trained for greetings, scripts, and 7-45-48. I could find each different level from each, but definitely well trained CF box it was.

After work out and T-shirt, I headed to The valley of fire state park. Took some pictures.



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