Grand Junction-Final Destination

Las Vegas, I don’t know. I really wanted to get out of that city   despite the cheapest hostel. Huge different feeling day and night. I have stopped at so many cities and many of the hostels I stayed were located at pretty beat up places. But no one touched my bike…until Las Vegas. The hostel is located in downtown and parking lot has a lot of traffic. I found my bike was gone this morning. Wa… Dropping in another CF box in Las Vegas and headed out to my new hometown, Grand Junction.

Crossfit Culmination, very interesting location. It was actually pretty hard for me to find it, however it was inside of indoor soccer building little bit north side of Las Vegas. The neighborhood looks quite wealthy and clean comparing to downtown. Definitely great location and I believe there are so many leads from soccer parents. Ramon the owner? probably looks quite young entrepreneur just merged another box, around there. Pretty box. Coach Turrel ran the 9am class and had a great time with everyone as always.

Driving 15 north through AZ, UT to CO was delightful inspire of 11 hours of driving today. The best part of it was the Hawaiian restaurant in St. George, UT. I dropped by St. George for lunch and looking through the rank on TripAdvisor. This Hawaiian restaurant was ranked at the first place, but I wanted to do something else interest me on the list, but could not find it and decided to check out this restaurant. The sisters there Roberta and Anna were very pleasant people and I shared my travel story w

ith them. Surprisingly they did not know their restaurant was ranked #1 on the web site. The food was great. It reminded me how the business is supposed to be. People will review and put you on the first rank if you do something right and keep it right all the time. Just like Greg Grossman said that if we keep trying our best to make athletes better consistently, the money will come. Make the best program and the best community. That’s right. Let’s go CF Juke Joint!

I left after 9am CF right away and arrived Grand Junction about 9:30pm. Another long drive. But I feel great already. I can see it.


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